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I was really productive yesterday and nursing a hangover today. I think these cancel each other out somehow. Anyway, yesterday I:

  • ran gigabit ethernet from the back of the house to the front.
  • properly set up the Mac Mini under the TV. Front Row is quite nice when you have that sort of bandwidth.
  • discovered that cable snakes make such jobs not only easier, but possible.
  • theorized that a movie about cable snakes on planes might be more realistic than (although probably not as exciting as) a movie about snakes on a plane.
  • Reencoded the first season of The IT Crowd for the iPod, expecting it to work streaming through Front Row. (It didn’t, so I still have to figure out what is going on.)
  • added album art to a bunch of MP3s.
  • learned how to use my Dremel tool.
  • learned that the plunge router (nothing to do with networks, you geeks!) attachment really does turn the Dremel into a passable router. (I was skeptical of this.)
  • fixed a broken lamp by making a nice little wooden base, although now that I look at it, it really should be stained or varnished.
  • set up kitchen shelving to store appliances and cookbooks.
  • signed up for weekly bins of locally grown organic produce from Organics to You. The first bin comes on Tuesday.
  • drank entirely too much beer at The Basement, as their happy-hour pints are bigger than an actual pint and Eric and Brian kept buying me beer.

P.S. also:

  • finished reading Cat’s Cradle and realized how much of it I had forgotten since previous readings
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