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This morning I had a massage. Yeay! I was a little sore still in my side from Tuesday's yoga, but that is okay and was forgotten pretty quickly. We focused entirely on my back this time. With people with normal tightness in their back, you can have them turn their arm in a certain way so that the shoulder blade sticks out, then you can put a finger or two under it. With me, that sort of works on the lower half of my right shoulder blade, but not at all on the left. In addition, something that I had not noticed before, was that when I lay flat on my back on a hard surface, the right shoulder does not sit flat. It not only sticks out a bit, but is pretty far off the floor/table/surface. All of this is typing and stress stored up in the pectorals (pulling the shoulder forward) and back-muscle-group-whose-name-I-cannot-remember (wound up tight around the shoulder blades.)

Nap time.

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