Annoyance Dreams

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I was going to write a big post about the bad dreams I have had the last two nights, but after reading about all the nightmares on my friends list, mine are more along the lines of annoyances than bad dreams. They include: showing up an hour late at work and missing part of a really, really, really, really important meeting, with the conversation stopping and heads swiveling to look at me as I arrive; having to fly down to Southern California and realizing, once there, that *GASP!* I’ve missed tomorrow’s massage appointment and have to pay for it anyway because I didn’t cancel it in time; being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and realizing that if a lane progresses in such a way that three cars of the same color line up, they disappear (where? I don’t know!) in a very Bejeweled or Tetris fashion (or, most likely, Chuzzle, which I have been playing on my phone recently.)

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