You and me and Big Bird make three–and Ernie’s got the video.

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There is nothing quite like driving slowly home from work in mysterious stop-and-go traffic while listening to and trying to sing to Nerf Herder songs. There is never traffic coming home at the time I usually travel and there did not seem to be any signs of an accident. It was all strange, but allowed me to scream pretty loud, completely off-key and ham it up for nearby motorists. The main guy in Nerf Herder sings in some range in which my voicebox has a blind spot–I have to be several octaves lower and not quite harmonize because going the other direction, an octave or two higher, makes me sound like a Monty Python “woman.” “There's a penguin on the telly.”

The nice thing about The Basement is that they have stuff like Joy Division in the jukebox. I am still trying to find a beer I like there, though. The Tsunami Stout is their only dark beer, but does not quite hit my tastebuds correctly–a little too sweet, I believe. Everything else they have (that I have tried) is both too light and too sweet.

Today, I have spent a good chunk at time at the Red and Black. It has been a while. I believe the last time I was here was when it was nice enough out to bike comfortably. Surprise, surprise: the DNS is somewhat broken again. Mostly, I came here because I am out of coffee at home, realized how crowded Stumptown would be at the time, also ordered some lunch, and have not yet built up the energy to leave yet. I should do that–to finish laundry, hang Christmas lights, re-dye my roots, and get started on those cookies I want to make.

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