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This weekend: Kim and I were sick monkeys. I slept for something like 13 or 14 hours Saturday night and was still groggy and out of it.

Buffy: nearly finished watching the final season. It is funny to see the difference between Spike/William as the mamma's boy in the 1800's versus Spike as the tough punk in modern day. Also, Andrew is shaping up to be a good, if perpetually annoying, character.

Work: Lantronix sucks my ass.

Food: We went to the Lauro Kitchen. While the wait was a bit long, the food was absolutely amazing. We also went back to the Chopsticks on Hawthorne. I got a giant bowl of happy-good-shell-fishy soup with a built-in bunsen burner to keep it warm. Also: I now have a waffle iron with reversible plates so it can double as a George Foreman style grill (if I ever go insane and start thinking it would be a good idea to cook my meals on a George Foreman style grill.)

Cats: In an unexpected action, Ebenezer jumped into the shower with me this morning. The Precious has pee'd on one of my new floor pillows.

Books: I am almost finished with the Lemony Snicket Unfortunate Events book 4. Also, I have been re-reading (if that is the correct term for a book I read when it first came out in hardback a number of years back and am now listening to on audiobook) William Gibson's Pattern Recognition at work. Normally, I cannot concentrate on both doing work and listening to an audiobook, but it seems that in a “re-read” situation, it all works out.

I am sure there is a lot I have forgotten, but that is okay. Time for some food, the last of Buffy, and bedtime.

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