Hot and Cold Running Blood

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Today is shaping up to be a rather interesting day. I woke up surprisingly early and suddenly with one thought on my mind, well, two actually. The first was a dull background thought, matching the headache, and was in fact about said headache. It was something along the lines of “ow.” The second thought was a bit more prominent — the realization that everyone gave me cash last night that I attempted to turn down when I put everything on my card (because most of the expense was my food), but I believe I accidentally left it on the table. I think the server girl pulled a “dumbass error in your favor” card from the Community Chest and consequently got a rather nice tip.

This morning, I noticed a stain on the ceiling. From the cat. I had a fire in the fireplace this morning that eventually burned down to little embers and both cats sat staring into the fireplace, completely hypnotized, until well after it burned out. The fireplace has been cold for about an hour now and The Precious is still intently staring into it and sometimes making little meows or chirping noises. I have no idea if she is waiting for the embers to reappear, if she sees something else in there, or is just freaking out over her reflection.

The truly weird experience this morning was while I was shaving. With shaving cream on my face and a razor having been under the faucet for a good number of seconds, the water suddenly and unexpectedly turned red. My first thought was not quite “OMG WTF is that???” It was more along the lines of “hmmm….” with an accompanying furrowed brow. The next thought was “is that coming from the razor? Was there blood of some kind in there that suddenly rinsed free? I am not bleeding.” The next thought was “is that rust coming from the water pipe? I have seen rust in the water before, and I do not remember it being quite that shade of red.” This was followed up with “you know, I am rinsing my razor in that.” As suddenly as it appeared, the color vanished. The whole confusing experience lasted only a few seconds.

About a minute later, trying not to listen to Car Talk, trying to shave an ornery tuft of hair on my chin, I looked down and saw the water turn red-pink again, this time sans razor. “Well, at least it's not my razor.” Again, it only lasted a scarce few of seconds.

I guess this whole odd story should have been prefaced (or foreshadowed?) by the fact that Kim did some cleaning in the bathroom last week and was confused by the little spots of “blood” on the floor. It was only hair dye. …OR WAS IT??? I thought I had cleaned it all off the floor the night that I re-dyed my roots.

So who knows. Maybe it was all smoke and mirrors, dye and rust. Maybe it was a brush with something strange and otherworldly, localized in the bathroom. I am not going to lose any sleep over it until the walls start bleeding or strangers stare back at me in the mirrors.

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