I hope this post-by-email works…

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I have never tried the post-by-email thing before. Hopefully, it will work, as logging in from the office does not really work (cookies do no go through the weird proxy server I have at home that bounces my traffic around.)

Anyway, it seems like Bev Harris at http://blackboxvoting.org/ has put together one of the biggest FOIA requests ever. This is because we know that the voting machines in Ohio may not exactly be non-partisan and because a recent primary election on a computerized voting device showed a mysterious three hour deletion of the election night audit logs. Seriously, it feels like Watergate, except nobody yet realizes there is an 18-1/2 minute gap in the tape.

If you can, I implore you to donate money to help offset their FOIA costs. I already gave more than I can afford and hope other can do the same. Our country is at stake.


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