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I am going through the Oregon ballot, and the arguments in favor of the “a marriage is between one man and one woman” amendment are absolutely hysterical. It is like the crazies with cheezy Geocities websites and a penchant for overusing bold and italics got a formal place to write.

In other ballot news, it is quite funny to see one of the arguments for measure 37 on the newsprint, recycled-paper ballot start with “$$$ MAKE MONEY FAST WITH MEASURE 37 $$$.” The whole argument is written up like a low-budget classified ad, complete with EVERYTHING IN UPPERCASE.

Speaking of politics, Michael Moore is on Fresh Air right now. I cringe at his style/methods, but embrace his message. Remember: vote early and (if you are using voting equipment that does not leave a printed record at the polling place) vote often!

Are the spammers listening to my every conversation and sending spam based on real-life conversations? I had a discussion about pocketwatches and fancy wrist watches the other day and now half the spam in my spambox is about where to obtain cheap “Rolexes.”

More reading of Halloween this evening. I should be finishing in an hour or so–then I can dig into the first Lemony Snicket “Series of Unfortunate Events” book. (In re-reading this, the timing seems weird. I wrote each paragraph-like-thing at various points throughout the evening, never quite ready to hit the “Send” button.)

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