Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Koko

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Last night was a romantic night of wine, candlelight, listening to the rain outside the window, a home cooked dinner, and picking fleas off of cats.

Today was a day of dealing with fleas. Using a complex orchestration of quarantine zones, segregation, cleansing, eradication, and reintroduction that would have made the CDC proud, I think the problem has been dealt with. Ebenezer was pretty much acting like, “oh, another bath? Okay.” The Precious got her first bath, and I have the battle scars to prove it. As the old adage goes, I ended up getting more water on me than she did. I would have taken pictures because everyone loves graphic depictions of hot, wet pussy, but I had a hard enough time holding her down with one hand and applying flea stuff with the other. Thankfully, I thought to remove my cellphone before starting, so it did not get ruined.

Now, I get to go through my voting pamphlet and cast my vote. Oregon is a bit odd in that there are no voting booths–everyone votes absentee. This makes me happy, as Diebold (the company who created most voting machines and employs a convicted embezzler as the senior programmer) is not involved in the process and there is always a 1:1 ratio between a physical piece of paper and a voter, without any nebulous insecure MS Access database on an insecure machine involved in the process. When a voting machine can be compromised by a trained chimpanzee or dead fish, there is something seriously screwed with the system. The training only took 10 minutes. Fortunately, the California Attorney General is suing Diebold for all their fraudulent claims. Let us hope more states follow suit. Paper trails are good–just ask anyone involved in accounting who actually cares about not committing fraud.

I really did not know about the Oregon mail-in ballot thing until last week, but now the “Vote Early” banners posted everywhere make much more sense.

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