Like Kung-Fu Theater: Catching A Fly Using Chopsticks

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It is not every day that you see a cat in the center of the room bound straight up into the air to about head level. It is even less often that you see the cat actually catch the bug it was going for, in midair, at head level, between its front two paws. The thing is, he does not realize he caught it, so continues to seek it out.

No man is an island… but I have an island now. For having such a huge kitchen, there is no counter space and the cabinet space is sectioned so thing as to be useless for a great many things. Today, I picked up an island for the kitchen, which gives me a great amount of counter space (especially because it has “wings” or whatever that fold out to give more space) as well as cabinet and drawer space. Wheeee! My only complaint is that it is a rather plain-pine-box color and I prefer the darker woods. The offset to this complaint is that it was relatively cheap and will hopefully not be needed at some point in the future. When I do eventually get a house, I would sincerely hope it has enough counter space to negate the need for a plain-pine-island.

Speaking of the island, I spent a few hours today preparing and baking the foundation for a gingerbread Victorian house. I had to leave the room for a bit and the cats, who had been quite boisterous, clammed up fairly quickly. Upon my return, I discovered a great many paw prints in the flour across my workspace. In related news, because of the kneading, all of my fingers are stained brown.

I really should be getting in bed soon. Tomorrow, I have to get up on time and dress in something more fancy than cargo pants and a polo shirt. I guess we have some sort of sales team arriving from Israel and the people in charge would prefer we looked more professional. I am not a banker and do not need to dress like one. I flip bits inside of chips (not to be confused with flipping burgers at the local fish-and-chips). Can I wear a lab coat instead?

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