The House Merlot Was Quite Tasty

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While walking, discovered a “tall boy” Pabst Blue Ribbon can with a custom burned CD atop it just outside the Catholic high school. Inscribed upon the CD in indelible ink was something to the effect of “To: Steven; From: Amber; I love you.”
Merlot (x3)
When I buy a house it will be decorated bordello-style, like the Sapphire.
Brandon had a drink called the Tom Waits. How cool is that?!
They played lots of Radiohead and half of the Postal Service album.
I almost got to be the annoying, yet goofy, friend who goes to talk to the girl at the bar and buys her a drink “for my shy friend over at that table there” because Brandon is too shy. Unfortunately, she left before the plan could be carried out. She kept looking at him, and even seemed to get sad when he went out to smoke because she thought he was leaving.
Fell alseep on Brandon's floor for a while.
Falling asleep at home now, but no cats were out to greet me along the way. The cats at home were quite happy to see me and are now fighting over lap space, but one is quite stinky.
Sleep now.

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