Night on the Town, Blight on the Crown, Smite me a Noun, whatever…

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Quote of the night:
“He is probably not buying sex toys from Target.”
“Though… if he is creative enough…”

Started the evening at Imbibe. Several vodka-tonics and french fries later, the Freak Mountain Ramblers arrived. While I had heard they were good from various people, I am sure they were good, but not quite my style of music. The evening continued at Bridgeport until we emptied our bladders and continued the trek to The Sapphire Hotel. While we were not supposed to go there until Thursday, it was a good first visit. While a bit far away, the walk was totally worth it. What can I say? Former brothel and hotel; currently a bar. Very nice ambiance, decoration, music, and people. It was hip, without being pretentiously so. Following that was the long trek home. All of the cats along the way (and I have mentally mapped out on which streets each of the cats live) were happy to have an attentive interloper in the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, will definitely go to the Sapphire Hotel again, even if it is a rather long walk.

Bed. Bed beckons.

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