I took her. To. A. Supermarket. I don’t know. Why. But it had to. Start. Somewhere.

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“How was your day,” you ask? I came home and found an avocado in the bathroom then proceeded to listen to William Shatner covering Pulp.

On a less surreal note, I got a lot done at work today (including stuff that I expected to take a week or two, but only ended up being a few hours because I “worked smart, instead of working hard”). Gene and I ran into Kate at Wild Oats at lunch. Now, my attention is trying to decide whether to dig more into the other half of the Halloween book or whether to put in the first disc of the next season of Roswell. I really want to finish the book, but the disc is taunting me.

The whole ilovebees thing has pretty much passed me up. I still administer the blog for it, but have absolutely no clue what is actually happening, even after reading all the latest news updates about it.

In other news, the new Tom Waits album seems pretty good so far.

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