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What the cats like even more than the laser pointer: a bright, sunny day with sunlight coming through the windows and catching the grommets on my belt, the Magician pendant, and the cellphone, splashing a multitude of little points of white light around the house instead of a single red one.

Eric and Cybelle's housewarming last night was fun. Much like Southern California had too many Brians, Portland has entirely too many Erics. I decree that everyone in the Pacific Northwest named Eric should stand in line for name reassignment. Each of you will have a choice: either you are given a name consisting of a random arrangement of somewhere between 5 and 10 letters, much like a license plate, or you will get a subscript like Eric1, Eric2, …, Eric47,896, …, Ericn. Subscripts will be assigned in numeric order on a first-come, first-served basis. You will not get to see the random name before you make your decision.

Anyway, yes, the housewarming was great. There were many people there (I even talked to a few!) and performing was the new band that is forming from a few members of the defunct Flying Bokhara and as a side project of some of the people in the presently morphing Vagabond Opera. Both accordion-Eric and percussion-Eric were playing, as well as a flute, a mandolin (I think?), a clarinet, a cello, various people joining in on the drums or tambourine, and a cool-as-hell electric stand-up bass. I think the proper artistic term is “negative space,” but it was basically a tall stick with strings and a few fold-out outcroppings of structure at the top that served no musical purpose, but helped to fool your brain into seeing the full shape of the bass.

Anyway, the unfortunate thing with the Bass is that regardless of how cool the girl is or how giving she is with her bottle of Sauza, the harsh tones of the bass were entirely out of place with the rest of the music.

Oh, and going back to the Eric thing–I barely recognized him without the beard with coins dangling from it and bowler hat. There are entirely too many unlabeled buttons on an accordion. I declare that each accordion button needs to wait in line for name assignment…

P.S. I got one of those local neighborhood freebie newspapers that sometimes come alongside the mail. It would seem that while looking into improving some local buildings, they discovered nine something-or-others buried in the ground under buildings and properties near the graveyard. Although they have not yet dug up the something-or-others, they seem to have about the same ground-penetrating radar signatures as all of the rest of the something-or-others buried six feet under in the graveyard itself. This is simultaneously sad and cool. While the cemetery is quite old, it seems to lack any “spirit” (pun intended), possibly because it is so close to heavily populated places. I guess I should not expect any real-life enactments of scenes from Poltergeist any time soon.

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