Hungry, Hungry Monkeys!

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I worked pretty late today. Some of the schematics for the new motherboard may or may not be correct, it would seem. The firmware now, though, will build reliably and repeatably on anyone's workstation, which is a Good Thing[TM], as opposed to the previous “well, check out and build this project, then copy this over there, then build this thing, but tweak that file, then cross your fingers and build a ROM image.” At least on the prototype board, it properly bootstraps, loads, and reaches a good steady state. Hopefully, the production board can be fixed by only tweaking a few things.

Anyway, I got home late (because I had to make a Fry's run for a DVI->VGA adapter to do the multi-monitor thing at work tomorrow), but got a last-minute “come to The Basement,” so I did. Brandon bought me a beer when I showed up and I bought Eric a beer when he showed up, so things worked out in an odd sort of way in which I broke even, Eric got a free beer, and Brandon paid for two. So that is not exactly breaking even for everyone, but it will even out in the long run. Their chips and salsa are exactly that. Chips. And. Salsa. I am not sure why I was mentally picturing a SuperNachos sort of thing, but now I have returned home and am hungry.

On the way home, I passed the very same graveyard (see: yesterday's post.) There is one particular gate that is always locked closed, daytime or nighttime. It also always seems to have slices of white bread on the ground, outside of the cemetery, right up against the gate. I am not sure I understand this. Is there some culture that believes that Wonderbread should be available for the afterlife? Is there someone who buys a lot of it and leaves the stale stuff off to the side of the cemetery? Do the squirrels collect whole slices of bread and horde them right there in the open? Weird stuff.

There is a 70% chance of Mt. St. Helens exploding or some such thing. We all know how easy it is to get a C in a class. Fortunately, it is so far away that I can only see it on a good day. Errr….

I miss Kim–but will get to see her tomorrow. This makes me happy.

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