Still a walk, but in the opposite direction

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This evening, I was going to go to the Personal Telco meeting, but by the time I got home, had some food, and did all of the generic get-home-from-work stuff, I realized that it was so late as to be pointless to go. Instead, I threw on some headphones and walked down to the mini-Powell's on Hawthorne. There, I loitered a bit and picked up Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night.

You know how Superman's weakness is kryptonite? How holy water and crosses are a vampire weakness? With werewolves, it is a silver bullet. The Green Lantern's weakness is the color yellow (which sounds pretty dumb to me.) I think my weakness is Powell's–not just any bookstore, but the Powell's chain. I can never get out of there without getting something.

On the way home, walking through the graveyard, a thought occurred to me. When a graveyard starts out, they have a lot of space. They make their money–being able to pay off the land as well as pay people to maintain the grounds–by selling plots. As the graveyard nears capacity, there are fewer plots to sell. Once it is full, there are no more plots to sell, but maintenance is still an issue. What do they do? Do they make money some other way? Are the full graveyards subsidized by nearby non-full ones? Have they found a way to charge a post-mortem rent? Do our taxes go toward their maintenance?

Well, time to read a bit more about Samhain and drift off to dreamland…

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