Of Pumpkins and Drum Circles

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The party last night at Eric's was great. This morning was not so great. I am certain that I did not have too much to drink, so the only thing I can think of is that Pumpkin Ale somehow transgresses that whole “do not mix hard alcohol and beer” rule since I started with two of those then transitioned to real beers upon discovering the popularity of the pumpkin ale left me with none.

Regardless, if we strike from the record the points on the timeline between waking up and a little after lunch things were great (although would have been better, had a Kim graced us with her presence). There must have been forty or more people there. Like the last one, there was a good mix of people I ordinarily never would have met. Unlike the last one, there were a few more folks of our age range present this time. (I think Connolly got someone's email address before the evening was over.)

In keeping with the “6 Feet Under” theme that Eric's roommate reminds me of the mom on that show, there was a girl there (an ex-roommate, I believe) that reminded me of the Lili Taylor character, in looks and attitude. The was running around, ensuring everyone was having a good time, then pulled out one of those “teambuilding” type party games where you have a sheet of paper and have to go around to everyone at the party and ask them questions about themselves. There were even prizes of some sort. Our group managed to slip out as she was getting the old-homeowner-neighbors together for a drum circle of some sort.

Anyway, off to bed…

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