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“Father, forgive me, as it has been several weeks since my last posting.” I figured I would start this one with a few entertaining pictures:

Since the last post, a number of things have occurred that I thought at the time would be great for writing about here. Now, though, I have difficulty remembering what they were. I guess I can start with today and work back. Maybe I will make a list. Lists are fun.

  • I am currently relaxing, by the light of candles, with lotus incense cones in little lotus blossom incense holders.
  • I cleaned up the basement in preparation for the painting party. One trip to Home Depot later, I have plenty of light down there as well as a HEPA filter.
  • It is really, really hard to find just a “workbench” desk. I spent a good deal of time at furniture stores and office supply stores trying to find a wide, deep desk without a hutch, without drawers, and without a big nasty lip around the edge on which to bang your legs (you know–that thing that makes fold-up tables annoying after time). Anyway, I ended up special ordering what amounts to a chunk o’ cubicle.
  • I now have a Linksys wireless router and have applied the serial port mod. I have not yet had the time to mess with EWRT.
  • In other news of things I have not had time for: the DVDs of the latest seasons of Angel and Alias. Angel sits here, unwatched. Alias is only semi-watched. No time. No time.
  • Kim and I had a great weekend. There was a good combination of lounging and doing productive things. There was also much discussing and debating how to best lay out the furniture and such in the house (with, still, no definitive resolution). Also, Kim accidentally had some unexpected caffeine.
  • We went to see the director’s cut of Donnie Darko last week. That was her first time ever seeing the movie, if you can believe it. We had some great talk about time travel afterward. There were some good changes/additions to the director’s cut. For instance, there were passages from the “Philosophy of Time” book overlaid on certain scenes. On the other hand, there were a lot of funky, completely-unnecessary-and-annoying computer graphic bits that added nothing but distraction. Oh! And very tasty pasta over on 23rd before the show!
  • I am not even sure I mentioned Brandon’s arrival. Yes, he arrived. He stayed in the basement (I protested and offered the front room or office). He found a nice little apartment and moved out this last weekend. Brandon, Kim, Tiffany, and I hung out there Sunday night and made painting plans, then went out for Chinese food.
  • Les and Rachel visited and much fun was had by all. There was a lot of food and a lot of drinkering.
  • I finished the latest Dan Brown story (“Deception Point”). It was pretty darn predictable and did not have as many puzzles/mysteries as his previous books, and was overall disappointing. I started re-reading The Invisible Man and have a heavy, daunting, tome of Hofstadter’s math/philosophy books (“Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought”) taunting me from its place on my desk. Why is it that I can never visit Powell’s without getting a book?
  • I have successfully written firmware for our network switches that uses the link status lights of the network transceivers to play that snake game that seems to be preinstalled on everyone’s cellphones. Since the display is only 16×9 (16 ports per blade, 9 blades per 144-port switch), there are very few games I can port to the firmware. Tetris, I believe, is next. Pong/Breakout did not work so well because the diagonal movements were really funky (even interpolating travel between pixels).
  • My parents are supposed to visit some time in mid-October.

AhhYup, that is about all the news I can think of right now. I am certain there is more that has completely slipped my mind, since it is getting late, Cinderella has turned into a pumpkin, and I need to get to bed.

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