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I can officially say that I am “between jobs.” I can even say it with a wry smile on my face, for this time it was by my choosing and I start the new job on Monday. Friday morning consisted of ignoring work, then ordering a washer and dryer (to be delivered tomorrow.) I had a video-conference lunch with the team, then proceeded to slack the rest of the day.

I walked to Red and Black, listening to more of Dan Brown's Deception Point, which is turning out to be pretty good. Once there, I read some of the Willamette Week until Connolly showed up. He proceeded to show me his “layoff-but-not-really-a-layoff-but-maybe-it-is-boy-this-fine-print-is-confusing” letter, then fill me with food and alcohol.

A quick call later and Kim showed up! Yeay! We ate and talked as Connolly departed for a social event, then quickly returned. We (or rather, Kim) proceeded to formulate a plan. 80's music at Fez! This was a good mix of 80's, too–not the generic ClearChannel “Flashback Lunch” type of overplayed stuff. Good times were had by all! The only drawbacks to the evening: their vodka and Red Bull (which I had been craving since the Flügtag) was outrageously overpriced and I think I had a few too many cigarettes, as I am really feeling it this morning.

Although today probably should consist of more unpacking of boxes, I think it will be spent outside. Specifically, outside, walking, with the Dan Brown page-turner in the headphones. The only question is where to walk? In one direction is the used furniture store that I walked past many times, but Kim mentioned them having a sofa similar to what I want and some nice rugs. In another direction is the Mount Tabor park that I have not yet been to. There are even other directions that I have not yet considered or seen. The world is my oyster! I need caffeine and have no coffee beans…

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