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Yes, dear reader, this is yet another in a series of sporadic updates. Why the infrequent updates? Is nothing happening in this author's life? Nay. Indeed, quite a lot has been happening. I have just not had the time to sort it out into things I want to post about and bits of my life that I do not necessarily feel are proper to broadcast to the world.

First, let us start with something generic. Does anyone know how I am supposed to send mail? Seriously. I have only ever lived in places that conformed one of the following conditions: (1) a mailbox, so that outgoing mail can be left in the box for the mailman to pick up when he drops off the inbound mail; (2) a mail slot, but with a USPS letterbox on the corner at the end of the street; (3) at a large complex with a grid of mailboxes, one of which has an outbound mail slot cut into it. The current house has a mail slot next to the door, but there are no letterboxes in sight. I have some Netflix to send, but am not sure if I should leave them dangling from the slot to be picked up or whether I have to find some place to drop them off. This is an entirely new situation for me!

Okay, now to less generic stuff. Friday. Friday was the Vagabond Opera show. This was the last one with Erin (the Oboe player, who will be moving to Hawaii), and it was a hoot. Maybe even a hootenanny! I even managed to “Get On The Train” (sort of a conga line, only more frenzied) during the last song for a short bit. The show was fun, the crowd and company were great. The songs were awesome. How do you learn to sing in that many languages? There was at least Yiddish, Spanish, French, German, and probably some others I did not recognize. Eric has a good, deep, booming, voice and an awesome stage presence, too. We were all tricked by a clip-on tie. Anyway, after the show, we ended up going to the ever popular Voodoo Donut (“The magic is in the hole!”). I got a Froot-Loop donut with milk. BC got a maple bar with bacon on top, which we all took a hit off of. Mmmmm…. pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon… all in one mouthful. I felt like a kid in the Wonka Factory trying a new flavor of candy. We wandered over to the Skidmore Fountain for a bit, but eventually had to go home. Kim had to go vend at an event in the morning and I had to get up early enough to settle business in Lake Oswego before Flügtag.

Saturday was Flügtag. You can read all about it here. After it was over, I went home, posted a few things, cleaned up the house a bit, took a shower to wash off the day's grime, then promptly fell asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday was a fun little unexpected day. I spent money I probably should not have on homey stuff–mainly, fancy shelves for the bathroom. This reminds me: if you want to go purchase stuff from Target, DO NOT pick the day you dress in a red shirt and whiteish canvas pants. You will be mistaken for a Target employee once every five to ten minutes. This was a bit fun from a social aspect–you can act any way you want with impunity and they still think you are an official representative of Target for a short bit. Also, this was the first store I have seen with escalators for shopping carts! Really! There are two escalators for people–one up and one down–as well as two for shopping carts. You push the cart into a contraption at the bottom/top and a peg latches onto the back wheel and a mechanism comes into play that keeps it perfectly level as it ascends/descends the ramp, instead of just pulling it up at an angle (which might spill out the contents of your cart if it were nearing capacity). Anyway. Anyway. Sunday. Yes, I did some shopping. Kim decided to play hooky from her event and leave a bit early. She brought a couple of friends from Eugene over to visit with kitties and I, then to find some lunch/dinner. We ended up at the fine Ethiopian place she had taken me previously. I got one of the best, if not *the* best, chicken dish EV-AR. It was a nice spicy sauce, veggies, two drum sticks, and a hard boiled egg. I then got to show everyone Uwajimaya, one of the best Asian markets around. And we ended up down the street for gelato. EVERYTHING about Sunday was great.

Monday, Kim dropped by after work with a plant and some seeds. If all goes well, I will have a big red lilly (is that right?), some cilantro, and some “mixed flowers” in the front yard between the dead grass and the rose bush. We briefly met the other person living in the other half of the duplex (and the conversation was even shorter than the brief one with the first person.) Then, we walked to Wild Oats and picked up some dinner-fixin's (and tried to ignore the bum taking a piss on the way back). That veggie taco mix is darn good–even better when cooked with onions and garlic, with a few splashes of Tabasco Chipotle sauce. Soft (or rather “real”) tacos and tostadas were had by all (or rather “both.”) Leftovers were had by me!

Today, I met up with Kim for lunch. (Yes, I know–bear with me–I do realize that every other sentence is about her, but she means a lot to me *swoon*.) She supplied the tuna sandwiches, I supplied the clam chowder. Cheap, generic, yet yummy. AND I got to see her mid-day during my last few days as “a free man.” I start my new job bright-and-early at 8:30 on Monday. It seems that although my pee was suspiciously viscous, I managed to pass the drug and background tests.

Okay! Here's to hoping that Drake Certivo does not farg up the payroll and I actually get paid three weeks plus vacation on Friday! I could really use a washer, dryer, bicycle, and real sofa.

Do you know what really trips me out every time? When people that knew Kim B.M. (that is “Before Meat”) see her ordering or eating meat.

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