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I know some of us were saying “we need a list like diedrichstable was, but for us up in Portland.” I finally set one up. The goal is not to be a big mega-list. There are enough of those already. It is mainly to help friends coordinate events/parties, ask questions, or report fun local discoveries. That is why I am posting this as a friends-only entry. It seems a ton of people are reading my LJ now that the “Bees” thing has occurred. So, PDX people on my friends list: feel free to join and tell your local friends to join. Anyway, the generic list boilerplate “about” text goes a little sumthin’ like this:

This is a mailing list that was originally formed to help the Costa Mesa (California) Diedrich’s fans keep in contact, with regards to events, places, coffee shops, restaurants, and the like. It has quickly expanded to include non-Costa-Mesa friends and friends of friends.

Feel free to post about upcoming events, coordinate parties, ask questions, or say “I just ate at this really cool (or really horrible) restaurant.”

Currently, membership to this mailing list needs to be confirmed by a moderator. The goal is not to become a big ol’ PDX Craig’s List, but to be a more close-knit group of friends. This also means that the amount of traffic on this list will not get too high–those with high tech phones, pagers, and other gadgets, feel free to subscribe them.

To join, just jump over to: http://lists.netninja.com/listinfo.cgi/portland-diedrichs-netninja.com. Realize that while the page shows the list address as the rather long “portland-diedrichs-netninja.com@lists.netninja.com,” an abbreviated version also works: portland-diedrichs@lists.netninja.com.

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