“We’re planning to break the record by flying maybe 70′, but any more is up to God or Elvis.”

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In the past few days, I have changed stations from the local NPR affiliate to a local mid-to-late-80’s/early-90’s station. I did this because I was listening to a lot of radio while cleaning, moving, and unpacking and the NPR stuff was getting repetitive. The music station was great at first, but quickly became repetitive and reminded me about how much I dislike ads. Of course, I will switch back to NPR in a bit (once I am no longer listening to it nearly 24/7). The two good things I got from the 80’s station include:

1) A few 80’s/90’s songs that were not terribly spectacular at the time, but played enough that they got embedded in my brain, but have since been forgotten. For instance: “She thinks she missed the train to Mars. She’s out back counting stars.”

2) Red Bull is hosting a thing called Flügtag, in which teams that have built home-made, human-powered flying machines get launched off of a ramp over the Willamette river and pray that they can fly the farthest before crashing into the river. It occurs on the 31st at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park and has free admission for those interested. I am not sure if I want to start rooting for the flying A-Team van, Alf, or The One Eyed Willies.

“While other Red Bull Flügtag Portland teams are calculating lift ratios and testing computer models of their aircraft, one Ashland-based group has different concerns – like how to fake a mohawk and where to find gold jewelry on the cheap.”

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