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Phone interview this morning with an embedded Linux company: went decently
Phone interview this afternoon with Nike: swimmingly well, as I seem to have the exact skillset they are looking for
Interview with Petsmart on Thursday
Probably an interview with Nike next week
Correction: the embedded Linux company interview this morning went so well that I am going in for an interview on Wednesday. I am not entirely sure how qualified for the job I am, though.

I think the online salary translators lie–at least in the realm of Java jobs between The OC and PDX. They all say the salaries are pretty much on-par between the two places in these kinds of jobs. None of the places I have talked to about salary seem to indicate this is the case. Ahhh well.

I should probably dye my hair black again and find a replacement for my broken “business attire” belt (as opposed to the current one with big metal grommets in it).

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