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At some point, Certivo, the company I work for, is going to crumble. It is in everybody’s attitude, motivation, silence, and lack of sales. If we were a public company or funded with VC, the doors would have shut a long time ago. Fortunately, or possibly unfortunately, we are funded by a single multi-billionaire who spends all of his time in Australia so that he does not have to pay US taxes. Obviously, he does not play any part in day-to-day operations. This leaves everyone a bit confused and worried, seeing as a smart businessman would have shut everything down months ago. Nobody has any idea what is going on in this guy’s head. We could shut down next week, we could go another 6 months, we could go for years.

Regardless, someone (our Product Manager) put in his notice today. During the last days of companies, this usually triggers an avalanche of other people leaving. To play it safe, I updated my resume earlier in the week and decided to send it to a number of companies on Monster and Craig’s List including: Intel, Xerox, Nike, Network Associates, Petsmart, and a number of others. It seems that a job posting that I applied for at 1:45 got a response at 4:45 asking if I would have any issues working for a subcontractor of Nike and whether I am looking for contract, contract-to-hire, or full time! I do not think I have ever gotten any sort of response that quickly. Hopefully it is not a question they simply ask everyone, but they actually looked at my resume and liked it enough to respond.

In kitchen news: (1) do not let your penne pasta boil for 30 minutes, (2) that white-sauce in a jar is not so bad, (3) it seems that Ragu has a new (or maybe just new to me) Chunky Garden sauce called Super Vegetable Primavera that is quite tasty and ranks on the same nutritional level as their other garden sauces.

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