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I just got out of a 45 minute phone interview with the lead developer at Banfield (Petsmart’s pet hospital), and things are looking GOOOD. They seem to be looking for someone with exactly my skill set, and I think I hit it off pretty well with the interviewer. We were definitely on the same page with regard to development tools and methodologies. The high end of the job’s salary scale is below the low end of what I am looking for, though, which sort of sucks. The cost of living is less up here, though, even though the cross-country-salary-comparison sites say the pay scale up here is about the same as in The OC. It does sound like a fun place and would certainly offer a LOT more job security than Certivo. I just need to figure out if/how a 10K pay cut would effect my life (assuming, of course, they want me and make an offer at the upper end of their scale).

Hopefully, their office is not full of face-biting dogs.

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