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Wow…full weekend. Let me see if I can remember it all. Friday night started at a pub in the northwest. I met up with Kim and a couple of her friends. There were heated debates about politics, which were actually more like loud agreements than loud arguments. There were two (rather bad) potato jokes. There was laughing over the utter silliness of this week's Mercury. There was thunder and lightning and a touch of rain.

We ended up wandering over to Powell's and I ended up spending entirely too much money on books I will not be able to get to soon. Somehow, I ended up in horror-mode. I typically do not like much horror, aside from certain classics–things like gothic horror (Dracula, Frankenstein), Poe, and Lovecraft. Anyway, I picked up The Other by Thomas Tryon (at the suggestion of dmax801, several weeks back) as well as this issue of Fortean Times, which features a big article on H.P. Lovecraft. I also picked up a copy of the latest Palahniuk book. To round out the horror theme, I picked up a Poe action figure while waiting in line. I did not quite have enough cash on me to grab this copy of The Hobbit.

Yesterday eventually started with coffee. What better way to impress a girl than to serve cream with chunks in it along with the coffee? Oops. We picked up sandwiches at the deli, then took them to the big park. We wandered around the forest, escaping the heat with the canopy of leaves. Lunch was eaten in the shade while sitting on a makeshift bench (actually, a log). We talked about many things, including gnomes living in tree roots. On the way back to the car, Kim pointed out a baby mouse wandering around the side of the path.

Later in the day, I sat around at home–too hot to do housework. It was good to drink lemonade in the shade while listening to music and reading more of Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

In the evening, I got to hang out with BC for some talking, some pub crawling, and some tag-team cellphone instant messaging annoyances. We started at Pied Cow, where I had a plate o' cheese & salami (and swapped some of that for some of BC's hummus plate). Later, we ended up at Bridgeport and had some beer on cask (meaning they have big barrels in the basement and a hand-pump at the bar, so no carbonation), which was quite good.

Today is housework day. Next Saturday, Brian and I will likely be going to a stranger's housewarming party.

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