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It has been a while since I have updated here with anything but real estate gripes. Good news on the rental front: the original place I liked (two blocks north of The Bagdad) has another unit open in August, and my current location will let me do a month-to-month for the month of August. I have first dibbs on the new place, assuming something better does not come along in the next couple of weeks.

BC and I had some tasty Cajun food a few nights ago at The Delta Cafe. The jambalaya was excellent. The mint juleps were well made (…either it has been a while since I had bourbon or it was extremely strong–or both, for that matter). It was good food in a good atmosphere. For anyone wanting to check it out: they only take cash.

Last night, Kim and I went to get some Ethiopian food at Mudai. The restaurant was pretty simple and did not have an excessively huge menu, but had all kinds of tasty stuff. I have never had Ethiopian food before, but really liked the spongy bread you sort of use in place of silverware and my “salad.” (The salad was more of a cold lentil, pepper, and onion soup.) We also went to watch the new Harry Potter film! Super good! The progressively darker themes of the books came out quite well on film (I cannot wait until the next couple of films!), although this is probably best attributed to the new director. The new flavors of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans are …interesting. The soap flavor really tastes like soap. The spaghetti flavor really does taste like spaghetti in marinara sauce. I have yet to try “earthworm” flavor. She would not touch them after discovering I was in fact NOT joking about ear wax, booger, and vomit flavor beans. In fact, I barely touched them, myself, after getting soap. Anyway, good times were had by all!

Back to the movie: I like how everything seemed much more BIG in this film. All of the exterior shots of Hogwarts and the town helped a lot. The first two films made Hogwarts feel like it only had a few rooms. Also, it seemed that the character building (if you can call it that) of the past histories of the various people (Harry's parents, etc) seemed pretty rushed in the film. I realize they have to keep the film down to a certain length, so I guess it was okay–it just seemed pretty rushed and a bit awkward.

I got the first season of Monk on DVD the other day. For those not in the know, this is a TV series about an ex-detective with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. I have not had time to watch much of it, but so far, it is awesome. The quality of the episodes is on par with the pilot. Added bonus: it comes with a little wet-nap-like packet of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

Right now, it is 88˚F inside and 86˚F outside. This sucks mightily.

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