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Beach is to sand as my kitchen is to ____. If you guessed “powdered milk,” you win! …the footprints left behind as you walk through it… …the gritty crunch of it between your toes… These are things that are nifty at the beach, but not so excellent in the kitchen.

So, it has been a while since I updated this journal thing. I typed up a bunch of thoughts I had immediately after Skinny Puppy, in the hope of forming them into a well written journal entry. Instead, I think I am just going to post the notes as-is:

Don't know if it was because it was especially loud, the room reflected sound funky. The floor was constantly vibrating with bass (because it was on the second floor?)
tweaker was good
played a lot of stuff I know, plus a cover of a Tones On Tail song
played a couple of things I did not recognize (am I missing stuff in my collection? is a new album coming out soon?)
and then there was Skinny Puppy
the multimedia was good, big screen with video projected on it
started with nobody on stage, video of water splashing through funky rock formations, clouds going through valleys in time-lapse (much like the water), anthropological things–skulls of various shapes and sizes of everything from people to monkeys.
Eventually got more digital, grids around the skulls, 3D rotations, numbers, words, high-tech overlays.
Music started with a bunch of new stuff, but switched to a lot of older stuff.
What was up with that Gwar-mask-thing?
Video loops (like Kontrol Faktory)
Lots of anti-Bush stuff, lots of religious iconography
Started with all new stuff, but progressed to the older stuff (which seemed to please the crowd, myself included).
The bartender must be making bank from selling single cigarettes under the table (or over-the-bar?).
Crazy incomprehensible situation at the gas station.
Normal donut from Voodoo.
A street full of goths, industrialites, bro's, ho's, a girl in a sailor hat…all sorts of clubs and concerts from all walks of life, with people entering/exiting.

Now that I look at iTunes, it does look like Tweaker released a new album a couple of months ago that I somehow missed.

I should be signing the final paperwork for the nifty Hawthorne place on Tuesday. I cannot do a partial/pro-rated month for July, so I get to effectively pay double-rent because the monthly plus move-in for there ends up being the same as the monthly here.

Did I mention how awesome Kim is? Yeah, you are probably tired of hearing it over and over again by now. Still, it had to be said again.

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