“Making time in a low rent highrise no place to go downtown…”

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I looked at a couple of rental properties today. Both where in the Hawthorne district. One was even LARGER than the current place, but at about the same price. It is a row-house duplex, consisting of two garages with two houses over them. It looked good, but again, was a bit large. Plus, none of the yardwork (it had a back yard) was covered by the owner. There seemed to be a number of other hidden charges, too (a “pet rent” and a number of different deposits and/or move-in fees).

The second place was not too different from the house I had on Elden, perhaps a bit larger. The cabinetry and linoleum in the kitchen look straight out of the '70s. It is a duplex, in a little complex consisting of two duplexes. There is a little strip of a back yard, and a nice front lawn/garden area. There is off-street parking, either in the driveway or in a shared garage. It is also a lot cheaper than the current place, which will be a good money-saver (especially now that I no longer have car payments, which I suddenly realized I forgot to post in here). The really cool thing? It is on the same street as The Bagdad, just two short blocks off Hawthorne. I am now starting to wonder if being that close to stuff is actually a money-saver, factoring rent against the cost of going out a lot more often.

Anyway, the big place did not quite seem like the right fit at this time (maybe if I wanted a more permanent home, but right now I am looking for a stop-gap until I can save more for a nice down payment). I know there are a number of other places that I did not get around to looking at (in fact, one was already gone by the time I called), but from pictures and listings, they all seem about the same price, size, and location as the Elden-like house. I did not give an answer as to whether or not I wanted it, but told him I would sleep on it and decide tomorrow. If I go for it, I will be moving mid-next month. DSL is available (but EasyStreet has to switch the copper provider from Verizon to Qwest), and is in fact cheaper. I am saving money all over the place!

Well, time to get ready for Skinny Puppy. I am not sure what I will think of the show tonight, but am sort of dreading it. I have not heard any of their recent stuff, but have heard all about their recent stuff from others. While I am all about forming my own opinions, I also find it good to learn from the experience of others. Who here can picture vegemitelover at a Skinny Puppy show?

I do very much look forward to Tweaker/Chris Vrenna, though.

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