“Good morning, good morning, we talked the whole night through”

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This afternoon there was rain and hail and thunder and lightning! Woo! It completely freaked out the kitties. Also, this afternoon, I upgraded my wireless network to 802.11g. I had been meaning to do this for quite a while, and the whole Airport Express thing finally convinced me to do it.

Tonight was a movie-fest of films about talkies: The Purple Rose of Cairo and Singin' in the Rain. What I want to know is what ever happened to the big, bright jazz clubs? You know, the ones where the stage is shiny and white, where everyone gets a little round table and the band (the Big Band) is up on stage with each member behind one of those little cutout things?

Oh, something I forgot to mention the other day: Oregon has MERRY-GO-ROUNDS in playgrounds! They all got ripped out of California because some kid got his fat head lodged under one and his overbearing mother sued. Okay, I may be a little unclear of the details, but they all got ripped out. There was not a similar suit in Oregon, so kids (and adults) can spin themselves dizzy and sick to their heart's content.

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