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Last night's freaky dream: I was going about my life, as normal. At some point, I knew that I was “in the Matrix.” I am not quite sure how I knew, but there was somebody that told me how to get out. I might have known instinctively or it might have been her. Either way, she looked much like the scary dark-hair, big-eye version of Willow in the latest Buffy DVDs. She told me it was simple. All I needed to do was open my eyes. So I did. I actually opened my eyes while still dreaming. I know that sometimes I sleep with my eyes open or partly open, which freaks people out, but I am never really aware of it. Anyway, with my open eyes, I was expecting to see some sort of techno-futuristic world. What I got was a view of the underside of the top bunk of the bunk beds I had when I was a kid. I am not sure where the dream went from there. In retrospect, I realize I was not looking at the top bunk, but the bedposts, the poles that interconnect them, and the beams of the ceiling above. Still, it was a bit freaky. Anyway, you can probably fine about a half-dozen references, themes, and blatant rip-offs of various pop-culture movies and television shows in the above dream. At least, I did.

Also, I meant to scan and post this last week, but my scanner is being craptacular–I might need a new one, but know I do not use it enough to justify buying a new one. Hopefully a macro-focus photograph will not be too bad. Juvenile, yes, but I still find it funny.

So far, tonight has been all about reading more Lewis Carroll, a fire in the fireplace, some Turkish Rose & Egyptian Tuberose candles, and two kitties bathing in the warmth of the fire.

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