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Item the first: Rasputina kicks ass live.

Item the second: Dante’s is pretty much THE club from Buffy, Angel, etc. It has a bar with a red plexiglass(?) top, lit from the inside. It has torches, flaming drinks, red gelled lights, the whole nine yards. It is where you would expect the vampires to be hanging out.

Did I mention Rasputina rocks? Mister nervous-pants was in line behind a very pretty celtic redhead. Long red hair, parted in the center, glasses… I do not know if anyone remembers Amy, whom I similarly drooled over at Conspiracy a number of years ago and went out with a couple of times? They could easily be sisters. Anyway, yes, much droolage. My heart sank a bit as we went in and she ran off to a bunch of friends and I found a place to sit… near a crazy child molester. I did not know this at the time, but the conversation between him and his female friend revealed a number of things. First, he was incarcerated for four years because he touched a young boy. Second, she does not touch her tip money until it is properly cleaned and sterilized. Third, well, I don’t know…it was all scary.

Kate and her new boyfriend showed up and pulled me over by the pool tables, where Celtic Lass was last spotted. Alas, no sign. Suddenly, a girl showed up and umm…well, was extremely flirty and chatty, and I was dumbfounded and confused. Her name? Sophie. My name…duhh…err…Brian, yeah. It turned out that Sophie was sort of the leader of an entourage of four… including KIM! KIM, the beautiful celtic lass! I was kidnapped and forced to play a game and a half of pool (the second got cut short because the opening band ended), then dragged down into the pit. I am a happy little monkey, yes. She had to leave a bit early to catch a bus and get to work in the morning–but phone numbers and such were traded and we may very well be going to see Skinny Puppy and Tweaker in a few weeks, if not hanging out sooner.

Holy CARP! I am as giddy as a schoolgirl.

So yes, the show was great (they even played a bit of “Baby’s Got Back.”) The experience was great. Also, I think I am in love with “the other cello player,” Zoe.

Now is the time when I hope I can get to sleep and not continue to bounce around all evening.

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