“Where is my taco? I cannot seem to find my taco.”

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Today was good on a culinary level, and rather zombie-like on all other levels. For lunch, I ran down to Uwajimaya and grabbed some sashimi-quality fish. Unfortunately, their selection is not as great as the Santa Ana Mitsua, but their prices are good. I also picked up a number of things I was running low on (instant dashi, rice wine, wasabi) as well as gyoza wrappers so that I can make my own instead of steaming the frozen stuff. Lunch consisted of some tasty tuna and a bowl of rice. That unfortunately left me with not quite enough rice to make all the sushi I wanted tonight. I also did not realize I would use up so much rice vinegar preparing the sushi rice and should have picked up another bottle. Tonight's sushi consisted of tuna, salmon, and k-rab. I still have some salmon and artificial krab left, so I'll probably have it for lunch tomorrow. (Mental note: set the timer on the rice maker).

Ebenezer thought he wanted wasabi. He quickly changed his mind after stealing some. I have never seen a cat make such vivid sour faces. I guess the lack of hair helps to better see the look of disgust. There was much sneezing and much nose running, until he dealt with it by attacking his sister.

Besides that, I was a zombie most of the day. I got a lot of code written for work and am ahead of schedule, and even worked an extra hour…but ended up collapsing and taking an involuntary nap after lunch and was barely able to focus on anything. My sleep schedule has been all mucked up lately. The super fun part of that is that when I decide to play a mindless game like Burning Monkey Mahjongg or Burning Monkey Solitaire, the cats see the light and movement. They instantly wake up and decide it is time to be active. This means they attack anything that moves under the covers (my feet and knees) and eventually loudly chase each other back and forth between the bedroom and the office. This sort of negates the brain-numbing repetition of the solitaire games.

This morning, I half woke up to the smell of cinnamon raisin bread from the bread machine and the Senate hearings on the clock radio. This made for interesting half-awake/half-asleep dreams, none of which I can remember now, but all of which were quite surreal.

And because this post would not be complete without ten million mentions of the cats, I do not understand what their love/hate relationship is with the shower. After I am finished showering, they love to hop into the tub and investigate the slightly-damp surface. Additionally, Ebenezer likes to drink his dirty, soapy bath water while he gets a bath. I just do not understand, really.

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