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I have talked to both Conrad and Kate about this: I am having difficulty finding individually packaged (canned or bottled, or otherwise) lemonade that tastes good and is not alcoholic. Mike's Hard Lemonade and JD's Lynchburg Lemonade are both good quality lemonades, but there's that whole alcohol thing. Minute Made, Countrytime, and a few other companies produce canned lemonade, but they are so full of high fructose corn syrup that they taste too sweet and cause my tummy to hurt a bit. (Ever since I pretty much gave up drinking soda–not a conscious decision, just something that happened–I have had a hard time not feeling a bit sick from too much liquid sugar). Anyway, Conrad suggested Newman's Own brand. I have a half-gallon of that now, but have not yet tried it. The ingredients seem a lot more sane, but it is not individually packaged. What I really want is single-serving no-hassle lemonade. Okay? Thanks.

You probably did not notice, but I am no longer “BriEnigma,” but “BrianEnigma.” This had been bugging me for a while (as I did not realize you could pick such a long name when signing up for LJ), so I finally switched it over. The old links and such still work, though. No big deal.

Last night, I was in a bit of a rush to get from the house to the car to Kate's. While race-walking through the parking area, I got stopped by a rent-a-cop and got to play twenty questions. Yes, I live here. Yes that is my car over there. In fact, that is the very same car that was broken into last week. The complex beefed up security and now you are questioning me BECAUSE of that.

I think I have a solution to the parking annoyance when going over to Backspace. Admittedly, the annoyance in question gets replaced by a travel time annoyance, but that's something I can easily deal with (especially when saving so much time, headache, and money in getting near there, finding a lot, and paying a buttload for parking). Parking at transit centers is free and there is one just up at the end of the 217. I can quickly zip up there, then take the blue line from there, a few stops into town. I do not know what I did not think of this before. I guess it is because the only transit center I used before was way out on the 26 past the Krispy Kreme's and the Goodwill. Additionally (and I just learned this last night while reading Kate's Portland book) Fareless Square works with not only the street cars, but the busses, too–and that's a free bus trip. Sweet.

I have yet to find a Tri-Met ticket vending machine that will accept my debit card. They have always said “declined,” even though there is more than enough money to cover the fare. Today, I ended up buying some tickets and got two dollars and some change back from the machine: one Susan B. dollar, one Sacagawea dollar, and a crapload of nickels. Gee. Thanks.

Anyway, the trip to Powell's today left me with too many books again. The list now includes: The Complete, Fully Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll (with a nice pillowy hardcover with gold inlay), Euclid and his Modern Rivals (which, along with two logic books I already own, proves that “the complete, fully illustrated works” is incomplete), and the book that their email newsletter was pushing this month, Exercises for the Whole Brain.

I realized why I really like the Death Cab For Cutie song “Styrafoam Plates.” The beat is a three count. It is essentially a waltz, only really angry. That is rather cool. I have a thing for waltzes, as well as for angry music. This is the first time I have heard a combination of the two (…and noticed, at least).

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