“There’s a brand new dance, but I don’t know its name”

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It seems my hair does not want to take bleach, within safe and reasonable limits. The “frosting cap” first made me look like a cosmonaut (pre-bleach), then a rastafarian (during-bleach). The beach was double-strong and left in double-long, yet my hair was too strong for the weakling peroxide concoction! Maybe it is time to focus, regroup, and simply concentrate on my roots. Or find a professional.

I have some really mixed feelings about Freaks and Geeks. It has some really good cringe moments and some really funny buts, but most every episode ends like an “ABC After School Special” or “A Very Special Episode of Blossom”. Ben Stiller has a cameo as a secret service goon protecting Vice President Bush (“Sometimes I have to stand in one place for 12 hours and stare at the wall. Have you ever heard of someone trying to assassinate the vice president? No. Because who cares?”). Plus, some rawkin' late 70's, early 80's music. Woot.

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