“Can I have a bite of your ice cream?”

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It turns out that sometime last night someone broke into my car. As best as I can tell, it was between 11pm and 9am, since I was out computing on the patio until 11 last night and start work (with a view of the parking area) at 9am. The fucktards could not find anything to steal or break, though, so I'm happy. (Being a convertible, I do not leave anything in there since the only thing separating the inside from the outside can be gotten through with a large knife)

I am not sure how they got in since I am pretty darn anal about locking things, but they were not able to get into the glove box or trunk (both protected by keyed locks). The glove box has insurance paperwork and the trunk has a full (but unused since the iPod) 6-disc changer, so they might have scored some CDs had they had a key. They did not even think to hit the eject button on the in-dash CD player, which works even with the engine off, which would have spat out a copy of Pigface's “Easy Listening” like a child sticking out its tongue. They did not steal my security pass–which probably would have been useless to anyone but an industrial spy, considering the garage and building it permits entry to is 1000 miles away. Nor did they steal the Thomas Guide map under the passenger seat ($30 value!).

Pretty much all they did was open the compartment in the console between the passenger and driver, pull everything out into the driver's seat, realize it contains old maps, empty ATM deposit envelopes, a stale stick of deodorant, and some used tissues. They did take some of the change from the bottom of the cup holder, but left the really old change covered in sticky coffee ick as well as the change at the bottom of the ashtray under more used tissues–so I do not think they were crack addicts hurting for money.

I was not sure whether or not to report it, considering there was no damage and anything stolen was bound to have been less than $1 in nickels and pennies. I did end up talking to the leasing office and the police, just as a “heads up,” though.

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