Time to load up the EtherPEG

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I did laundry this morning. Since the comforter is thick enough to never really completely dry too well, I hung it over the bed:

Everyone at The Twin Peaks Coffee Shop (which, I think, is what I will start calling it now) has a computer. Not all of them are directly using it. There are a number of study groups. The two within earshot are discussing molecular biology (I think) and algebra (possibly algebra 2). Some do not even have laptops–there are a few terminals provided along a back wall (not sure if they're free or what the deal is).

I have discovered the secret to turning over customers and making a profit when you have a 24/7 coffee shop that offers free wireless in a very comfortable environment. Make every sitting surface out of wood and offer no padding. After a few hours, your ass starts to hurt so you go home or stand up and walk it off (walking over to the counter for another drink in the process). It's genius!

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