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Screw you, Amazon! So, like a good little consumer whore, I checked my Amazon Gold Box today. Normally, it is full of all sorts of junk I have no interest in…yet today, there was my deep fryer. Yes, the one I bought last weekend from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The Gold Box price was $10 less than what I paid. Grrrr! In other consumer-whoring news, Kids in the Hall Season 1 will be out on Tuesday! Forty Helens agree: I can't wait!

It seems Trader Joe's is no longer offering their shrimp shumai, which sucks mightily. Fortunately, they have increased their gyoza offerings from zero to several. Their shrimp gyoza is tasty. The vegetarian gyoza just came out of the steamer and is mighty tasty, too.

I need to optimize my finite automata.

P.S. Okay, so I caved in and signed up for Orkut. I typically hate the friends-of-friends services for “sure, I'll voluntarily give up my privacy for a little entertainment” reasons. The privacy policy and ToS do not seem so bad. Plus, everyone else is doing it, and I want to be just like everyone else so I can be cool, too.

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