It’s my turn to ride on the hood! You can have shotgun!

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I read the Oregon driver manual and motorcycle manual about 30 minutes before my test today. My favorite quote from it is “Oregon law prohibits anyone under 18 years old to ride on the hood of a vehicle.” BUT IT'S OKAY TO RIDE ON THE HOOD IF YOU'RE 19?!?!?! I passed the automobile test with a perfect score and only failed a question or two on the motorcycle test. They printed my license, right there at the field office. I can say that after having a California license since I was 16, with all the security and anti-counterfeiting measures all over it, the Oregon one feels a little cheap and fake. The background is simply white–no elaborate details or frills. There is kind of a pseudo-hologram across the front–not really a hologram, just a few instances of the word “Oregon” in an ink that is transparent from some angles and rainbow-iridescent from others. I think it will be a while before this really feels like a real license to me. Another interesting thing is that under the “Endorsements” section, there is “M – Motorcycle” and under the “Restrictions” section, there is “D – anatomical donor.” Is that really a restriction?

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