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I broke my new see/hear/speak-no-evil monkey mug this morning in a fit of clumsiness while trying to put it in the dish rack.

Somehow the white canvas pants I put on this morning got dirty somewhere during or shortly after the mug explosion. Hopefully these can be washed. The now-polkadot pants from yesterday did not really get clean, despite multiple hand and automatic washings.

I was looking up dim sum and found a page on knitting it.

I got unexpected checks from AAA and Pacific Bell. Woot for unexpected monkey!

My printer is about to die. If I end up replacing it with a cheap scanner/printer, I could get rid of a whole extra computer–donate it to PersonalTelco or something. The only reason I still have an ancient 486 sitting in the back of the closet, getting used once every month or two, is because it is the only machine with SCSI (which is what the flatbed scanner requires). That would make a decent NoCatAuth firewall.

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