If I batter my hand, can I fry it?

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Mental note: one pound of shrimp and three heaping plates of cut up raw vegetables is entirely too much food when made into tempura. While the kitchen sink was covered with enough batter to be tempura'd, it was to bit to fit in the fryer. Everything else got tempura'd, though. Anyway, needless to say: plenty of leftovers.

The coolest kitchen gadget in the world costs $0.59.

So, what is the difference between a “Bro” and a “Metrosexual?” As best as I can tell, it is misogamy. They both tend to have the shiny shirt and big watch. They both tend to worry a lot about appearances. But one treats women like dirt and the other does not.

The cats are both trying to muscle their way into taking the largest portion of my lap. They are also staring intently at the movement on the screen: the text as I type it, the mouse as I move it. In the process of moving the mouse from the top to the bottom of the screen, they somehow got the belief it had jumped off the screen and onto the floor. Ebenezer is now prowling around under the table for the mouse pointer while The Precious intently watches.

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