“Works great on stains & odors from older adults with incontinence as well!”

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I got a carpet and furniture cleaner today. I absolutely love the detail level they went to in describing on the bottle what exactly it cleans. The bulleted list includes fun stuff like: urine, vomit, feces, oil, smoke, manure, skunk, pet accidents [in case that wasn't covered by any of the above, I guess], printer's ink, perspiration, horse body oils, blood, fish, incontinence, diarrhea, bedwetting. I wonder if it works on soy sauce… Some time between fixing lunch and getting off work, I had a soy sauce fish go missing. The thing about these fish is that you get them for free under your sashimi meat. This means they really, really, really smell of fish until you wash them off. I forgot to wash them and left them on the counter. Consequently, one has wandered away.

I also got two Japanese cookbooks (one, vegetarian) and a bunch of serving and preparation type dishes and bowls.

One of the nifty things about Ebenezer not having any hair is that he makes some pretty awesome expressions that are much more visible than most cats. For instance, he can actually do the “sad puppy dog eyes” thing. Not only that, he can instantly switch into puppy dog eye mode. Today, I caught him trying to climb the banister in the stairway. I had heard him jumping all morning, but every time I went to look, he stopped. When I finally caught him, he was dangling from the banister with front claws holding tight and rear feet not too far off the floor. The Precious was behind him, playing with her favorite toy: his tail. He had this absolute look of horror on his face–ears back, forehead scrunched up, trying to look behind him. It reminded me of a very cartoony version of a guy clinging to the side of a building, unable to look down to see how far the drop is (not very far, it turns out).

I have no idea what this is, but the grape (cyan colored) is better than the peach (pink colored). It has 2% of something and is “drenching body and heart.” I hope it actually is a beverage and not a cleaning product in a beverage container. Actually, I think it is just water with just a touch of [natural?] flavoring. Maybe “just a touch” can be quantified by the value 2%.

I did that recognition software thinger they mentioned at MetaFilter. I'm not so sure about my results.

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