This poopcorn tastes like ass

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RadioIO Edge is neither edge nor good. While it is true that one man's edge is another man's Barry Manilow, this is more of an electronic/world/crap sort of mixture. When I think “edge,” I think something more harsh. Maybe more guitar? Maybe more electronic (industrial)? Maybe more punk? When I think “edge” I certainly do not think “light electronic.” I am happy that they are expanding their channels. Perhaps the 80's channel (or a different channel) will play more KROQ 80's style alternative stuff. I'm just unhappy with their new channel selections.

So, I'm watching Roswell. This is turning out to be a pretty good show. The first couple of episodes were great, they slowed down a bit, then picked up again. I was trying to describe it the other day. It's basically like Buffy, only with aliens. Instead of the human high-school girl being in love with a vampire boy, it's an alien boy. And instead of fighting evil, they look for answers and hide from the feds. On second thought, it's like a cross between Buffy and the X-Files. The truth is out there, man! Imagine my surprise when one of the episodes started out with a Manplanet song (I, Robot). Wacky. This is the same episode with Marshall J. Flinkman from Alias in it as a wacky UFO convention guy. It also has Jonathan Frakes (without the Riker beard) playing himself. The deputy in Roswell also happens to be the same guy who plays the deputy in Twin Peaks. The guidance counselor is Darla from Angel. And Colin Hanks is still a smeg-head. All-in-all, pretty good. Not excellent, but great.

This morning I woke up, thinking there was some kind of emergency. Half awake, half asleep, the clock radio kicked into Emergency Broadcast Mode. At some point in the past few years they went from that annoying BEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEEP tone to two sets of three digital razzes (morse code S and O, but they sound like they carry digital data). Anyway, I heard that, without the “this is a test” prefix, followed by something about dirty chemical bombs by the roadside….which turned out to be just part of another Morning Edition story. A few minutes later, the same razzes, but followed by nothing but normal Morning Edition stuff. A few more minutes later, raaazzz raazzz raazzz razrazraz, Claire Danes is 25 today. A few more minute later, more buzzes, the history of African slaves. This went on many, many, many more times. I was worried that there was an emergency and the morons at Oregon Public Broadcasting couldn't figure out how to attach a message to the beep. They are always messing up on little things, and I was worried this was just another “little thing” they messed up on. (Yes, I got spoiled on the uber high quality of KPCC and KCRW). 45 minutes later, they get on and say their EBS system is broken, and there's no emergency, it just keeps beeping like there is one. 45 minutes is too long to leave me hanging. I kept checking CNN to see if it was a national story, and convinced myself it was a local emergency, yet none of the local news sites or message boards mentioned anything.

I am not so sure I like Act II Kettle Popcorn. I like the fact that was the only microwave popcorn at the store with less than ten ingredients and everything on the ingredient list would be understandable to a ten year old. I dislike the fact that they chose to flavor the popcorn with both salt and SUGAR. It sounded good last week when I bought it, but I am going to have to throw out the rest of the bag and figure out what to do with the two unused bags.

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