Rock Concert Movement #2: The One-Armed Fist Pump. Ready? Go.

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The iTunes Music Store is currently offering a handful of audiobooks for super-cheap. Unfortunately, I already have a good number of them, but several that you guys might enjoy include:
“Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them,” Al Franken $3.95 (I paid $30 for this at Audible when it first came out, as I recall)
“Benjamin Franklin,” Walter Isaacson $1.95 (I paid $20 for this a few months back)
“The Time Machine,” H.G. Wells $1.95 (I paid about $20 for a slightly different version from Audible)
“Digital Fortress,” Dan Brown $2.95 (I just bought this tonight)
“This American Life: 20 Acts in 60 Seconds” (including Pasta-Batman!!!) $0.95 (I bought this tonight, too, just because of Pasta-Batman)
“Live at Carnegie Hall,” David Sedaris $1.95 (I’m really debating whether I should get this, too)

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