“Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained, the end.”

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I got Invincible from Netflix last week. A very fine film about a Jewish strong-man, née blacksmith, performing at a cabaret theater in 1930's Berlin. It was great (weird? funny? unnerving? something…) to see Tim Roth, the psychic hypnotist and fortune teller, turn every little parlor trick into a piece of Nazi propaganda.

I saw Holes this evening, and holy crap! Disney has actually put out a good film in the last ten years! Although my expectations were low, this film ended up being surprisingly good! It was enjoyable and there was a decent back-story. Like Goonies, it was just the right blend of fun, creepiness, and epic adventure. Plus, I did not realize so many big-name actors and actresses were in it, which was an added bonus. Really, how can you go wrong with Sigourney Weaver (as the warden), Jon Voight (as “Mr. Sir”), Patricia Arquette (as Kissin' Kate Barlow), and The Fonz? You should all see it. Sure, the ending becomes a heartwarming story of the human spigot, but it really does do a good job at tying together all the plot threads from “today” as well as the backstory.

I am watching my ex-governor in his most recent film right now. So far my observations include:

  • He looks silly in Elton John, star-shaped, rose-tinted sunglasses
  • More governors need to steal the clothing of male strippers
  • TWNMCD (The World Needs More Claire Danes)
  • It would be great if we actually HAD that Knight Rider technology that lets you remotely control mechanical things like locks, gear shifts, and breaks
  • Much like fortune cookies and the phrase “in bed,” I kept having to mentally append “from the terrible secret of space” everywhere. “John Connor must be protected.” “Kate Brewster must be protected.” “My mission is to protect you.”
  • A car with four wheels sure can lose a lot of hubcaps
  • When you shoot up an autonomous VTOL plane full of munitions, it simply shatters to splinters without exploding.
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