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Something I forgot to mention about the movie last night: NO TRAILERS. I repeat: NO TRAILERS. I have never seen such a thing in my life. The lights dimmed and the movie started. There were no previews, no advertisements, no the-audience-is-listening sound checks, nothing. There were opening credits. What a novel and interesting idea. Of course, they were probably making enough money off the full bar and the fact that they only show independent and second-run films that they can afford that kind of thing.

I dare you to try the technical logo game. Without help, I was able to figure out 14 of them. With collaboration, I was able to eventually get ALL of them. (Although, I would have NEVER guessed U, N, or T without some serious hints.)

I picked up the first two discs of Firefly from Netflix the other day. I figured I like Joss' work with Buffy and Angel–I might as well see what he's doing outside of the vampire realm. I started watching the first episode at the time I got the disc, but had a difficult time getting into it. Finally, tonight, I was able to watch the discs. It took an episode or two to actually get into the show, but I'm slowly starting to warm up to it. I typically am quite picky with my television/movie science fiction and generally hate westerns, but Firefly is shaping up to be quite a good series. It *is* really strange to see the “Grrr! Arg!” end-credits logo without the vampiric connection, though. I think I may have to cancel the rest of the discs and buy it, like I did with previous Netflix ventures: Jeeves and Wooster and Six Feet Under. Although I would not rank Firefly as highly as those other two, it is still pretty good and worth watching again.

My roots are a good color now. The initial red dyeing, a few days ago, turned my roots into a Bozo-the-clown, Alias-first-episode bright red. The second attempt, yesterday afternoon, made them a much more dark and reasonable burgundy. When my roots grow in again, I may just have three-tone hair.

Yeay! I think the 10.3.3 patch fixed the network dropping issue on the iMac “server” when I leave both the wireless and wired interfaces enabled on the laptop, or make the laptop's network switch too fast.

In other news, I published a cryptographic/cryptanalysis program today called Magic Codes. It is in Java and supports a pretty easy plugin architecture. As I plow through the cryptanalysis book mentioned the other day, I will be adding more plugins. Other than, perhaps, ARG players out there, I am not entirely sure of the audience of such an application. At any rate, it's a nice little plugin-based app to perform data transforms and analysis. Plus, there should be a minor bugfix release to iGallery as soon as I switch the build process from Ant to Maven.

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