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Yesterday, I was the recipient of an interstate pizza delivery. The pizza itself did not cross state lines. It simply came from a place down the street. (Mental note: check it out and compare their pizzas and prices with those of the deli/coffeeshop/market/pizzaria across the street.) They guy making the phone call and paying for it was 1000 miles away, though. There were no snags, everything went fine, the veggie pizza was tasty, and the delivery guy freaked out over the bald cat.

Speaking of cats, it seems the latest craze these days amongst the young kitties is rolling around on freshly bleached floors, as if they were made of catnip. I do not really understand. Yes, the house once again smells like a hospital. Also, The Precious does not chase her tail as much anymore, but still spins 'round and 'round for minutes at a time chasing the shadow of her tail.

I got those wacky little Apple earbud headphones today. I am still trying to figure out whether I like them. The medium size ear adaptor things seemed too large at first, so I switched to the small. With either the medium or small, the bass reproduction was crappy-to-nonexistent. It seemed I really had to cram those things deep in my ears to get any bass at all. On a whim, I tried the large ones, and ended up with pretty decent sound. At any rate the storage box is really cool. If I end up hating them, I will just use the box to store the factory-default earbuds. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will hike around the gigantor state park with them (and my trusty bulky headphones as backup). They do seem to stay in my ears better, and seem less hurty, but I seem to be more conscious of their presence. Also, I am not sure I could wear them at work (assuming I worked somewhere where speakers

Edit: (because I wrote most of that during the day yesterday and didn't proofread to see I left a sentence hanging before clicking the post button)

…were forbidden) because they tend to let too much of the tappity-tap of the keyboard through to your ear, but very little other background noise. It ended up causing me to focus on the tapping of the keyboard and neither the work nor the music.

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