Sushi, Vertigo, and Kitties

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Today: discovered the magic that is Todai. I think I have been NEAR various Todai in the past, but never really ventured into one. All-you-can-eat not-excellent-but-not-bad sushi and other fun Japanese foods! The quality wasn't too bad, but the selection was awesome! They even had the weird cockle things I posted about in this entry. They even had the tiniest slices of pumpkin pie EV-AR: little right triangles, about 2cm on each leg, able to be picked up with chopsticks. The whole thing (which ended up being three plates of food) ended up being $14, including drink, and gives you a 2-hour parking validation. Neat.

The only problem was that it is in the Vertigo mall. On the top floor. Now, normally I like open spaces–but not exactly when they span three floors plus a basement level. When a little fairly open railing is the only thing between me, a push from “a bad guy” and a four story drop to death, I tend to get a little freaked out. I almost lost my lunch.

I spent part of yesterday and today child-proofing the house. “But you have no children,” I hear you say. It seems I have a dumb trouble making cat (I mean that in a nice way) and a smart cat with the ability to teach. Ebenezer seems to have taught The Precious how to open cabinets. He really has no interest in opening them anymore, after the initial discovery, but now that she knows how, she thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.

On top of that, The Precious has a bit of a fetish involving running around the house with a flat plastic bag in her mouth (like a zip-lock). I sometimes catch her running around the house with Ebenezer's special kitty soap in a bag. Once, I caught her running around with an old, broken cat toy in a bag (leftover from boarding them over Christmas). Several times, it has been empty parts bags from various bits of consumer goods, fished from the kitchen trash can. And yes, just the other day, I found her running around with an unopened bag of yellow kitchen gloves. Kitchen gloves? Where did she get THOSE? Hey, those should be under the sink, behind to the bleach spray bottle and other fun toxic chemicals. So yes, she opened the cabinet, went past the evil cleaners, grabbed the bag of gloves and ran upstairs and across rooms with the bag. Since then, I have noticed the child-proof cabinet doors are stuck in the semi-open locked position (they lock open at about 4cm). I've also put little string spool things on the blinds because I thought it looked more elegant than the twist-ties I had been using.

I hate quizzes, but sometimes take the interesting ones, and very occasionally post the answers when I think they're interesting, unusual, or right on the mark. This one was, ahem, right on the Mark:

Heh…I even had a little pirate station for a while that nobody really listened to.

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