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WinCo foods is an odd place. It is a sort of hybrid between a normal supermarket and a Price Club. They have standard products right next to the gigant-o packs. They even have a large section of bag-it-yourself bulk foods in bins. The prices are pretty cheap, too. The weirdness is when you get to the checkout counter. They do not accept ATM, debit, or credit cards. Also, you have to bag the food yourself. To top it all off, it is an employee owned company. PLUS, they seem to be the only remaining place with my favorite Radiator pasta.

Also, tonight I found a Krispy Kreme! I thought I had left the Territory of Sacred Donut, but there is at least one up here. Plus, it is near a large Goodwill store that I may have to check out for old fleece sweatshirts that I can cut the sleeves out of and turn into kittywarmers.

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