“When Ebenezer gets upset…PEOPLE DIE!”

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I was going through my website logs recently, and discovered a few interesting facts

  • People are still using Jerkit
  • There are still plenty of War3Z Puppiez out there looking for BO and BO2K plugins
  • The giant cheeseburger pics remain popular (in page views, as well as the #1 search term)
  • Lots of people were viewing Chicken In a Can through a cached Google page
  • The #2 and #6 search terms are “spooky castle” and “spooky castle pop up book”
  • Lots of people are searching for the term “powered by gallery vX.Y.Z” in an attempt to locate unpatched systems with known, exploitable bugs
  • A lot of people seem to be following my del.icio.us links
  • One of the search terms some used to arrive at AdjectiveNoun was “smell of mom’s foot”
  • Lots of people are requesting the RSS XML feeds at AdjectiveNoun
  • On Netninja (a site aimed for general audiences and script-kiddies), Internet Exploder and Windows win by a landslide. On BufferOverrun (a site aimed at programmers), Netscape and Mac/Unix/Other win by a landslide.
  • People like encoding and decoding Base64

Most people do not have to worry that their cat is going to get a sunburn. His name is officially Ebenezer, by the way. (No double E’s in there, like I was spelling it the other day.)

Disney just isn’t having a good week, are they? First, Steve Jobs/Pixar gives them the boot. Next, Comcast comes along and wants to buy them for a bazillion-gazillion dollars. Now, a castmember gets fatally crushed under a float. Combine that with the Thunder Mountain death a few months ago, and they’re not looking so good. I wonder how this will affect Comcast’s offer?

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